Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Sells and staff,

I just want to thank you for being so gentle and kind. I am so proud of my teeth for now I can give everyone a big smile. My church family thinks I am beautiful, but I wouldn't go that far (all of God's children are beautiful). Do what you are doing now because it's got to be right.

Thank you again,
Bakersfield CA

Dr. Sells,

I am probably the only (hopefully) patient that you had to come out late at night (in the middle of the Andy Griffith Show) to help in a very unusual situation.

After getting ice-cream and REALLY enjoying it, I somehow flipped my bottom partial plate upside down - and it STUCK to my tongue, wedging my tongue up to my top teeth (scary). I couldn't eat or talk!!! My favorite things.

Thanks to you, Dr. Sells, everthing was soon back in place - and I really appreciate all you have done for me and the family.

What a great staff you have!

Thanks again

Dear Dr. Sells and staff,

Thanks so much for the dental work you did on me in May. I can't express enough how much your kindness, patience, professionalism, and hospitality meant to me. After being out here in Los Angeles, I had almost forgotten that there were polite and helpful people in the world! It's a rat race out here and everyone is a number. But y'all made me feel right at home and treated me like you'd known me for years. That goes a long way with me and I just wanted to let you know that it wasn't taken for granted.

I'm still working hard out here. I have been cast in a feature film called "My Sweet Darkness". It's low budget so it will probably go straight to the video store. I'll keep you posted.

Best Wishes!

Dr. Sells and staff,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at the office! You don't know how much you all are appreciated! The boys now have a completely different view of going to the dentist, which is an answered prayer. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I felt like everyone really cared about them. The boys are even ready to come back! Again, thanks for all the kindness and patience.

Sarah, Hunter and Bowen

You made me smile when I really needed it.
One of the best gifts I ever got!
Thank You All,

-- Doug Thomas

Thank You so much for my new smile! I am very happy with the results. I've emailed the "before and after" pictures your office staff emailed me to some of my family and friends. They all say "Wow!"

Thank you for providing a way to make it affordable, also. The
Interest-free financing is great! I never dreamed I would be able
to afford a new smile.

I thought seriously about canceling my first veneer appointment because of fear and doubt. I'm so glad I didn't. After the first pain-free visit I was confident I had chosen the right dentist and the right procedure.

It's nice to be able to smile with confidience. :)

Thanks again,
-- Gail Jameson

Good Morning,
We just finished checking out your web site. My congrats, it is excellent, and may I add very informative. I am glad we have selected you to serve our family's dental needs. Judy and I both make our living off the internet, so we just had to check your site out!

-- Roger and Judy

I had my teethies cleaned on Wednesday and each of you make me
feel "special"! You all do more than just dentistry & I thank you for that!

-- Gary :)

Dear office girls,
Just want to say you all have been such special people to me getting my dentures. I really appreciated. You all are a great bunch of girls.
Love You,

-- Mary

Read what our patients are saying about Laser Dentistry:


"Absolutely pain free - amazing. I would recommend to anyone, especially children."


"I found the laser to be relatively pain free. It seemed to go faster and it seemed to go really smoothly. I recommend anyone would use the laser."


"I was very pleased with the laser. I had a sore spot on my gum, which was treated with the laser and there was instant relief. I also had a cavity on which Dr. Sells used the laser without any numbing agent. No pain, no numb lip, no slobbering out of one side of the mouth. I like the laser and I will definity use it again."


"I liked the idea of not being numb for fillings. It went smoothly and was painless. A great idea!!!"


"I think that using the laser was a wonderful experience. It was quick and pain free. I would recommned anyone, children and adults, to try it."


"It was easy, painless and quick. Can't beat that!"


"The laser type filling was a terrific way to have a filling done. I would recommend this procedure to anyone having a filling done. Thanks for introducing me to the method."