Laser Dentistry

Hard Tissue LaserDental Laser

The DeLight™ Erbium YAG dental laser is a pulsed light that provides pinpoint accuracy to gently remove decay without the need for anesthesia or the drill in most cases.

The ErYAG dental laser helps sterilize as it works and is less traumatic to the tooth than the drill. Bond strengths of white fillings to the tooth are also improved by 50% over conventional techniques.

Read what our patients have to say:

"Absolutely pain free - amazing. I would recommend to anyone, especially children."


"I found the laser to be relatively pain free. It seemed to go faster and it seemed to go really smoothly. I recommend anyone would use the laser."


"I was very pleased with the laser. I had a sore spot on my gum, which was treated with the laser and there was instant relief. I also had a cavity on which Dr. Sells used the laser without any numbing agent. No pain, no numb lip, no slobbering out of one side of the mouth. I like the laser and I will definity use it again."


"I liked the idea of not being numb for fillings. It went smoothly and was painless. A great idea!!!"


"I think that using the laser was a wonderful experience. It was quick and pain free. I would recommned anyone, children and adults, to try it."


"It was easy, painless and quick. Can't beat that!"


"The laser type filling was a terrific way to have a filling done. I would recommend this procedure to anyone having a filling done. Thanks for introducing me to the method."